Kanji Symbols’ Goods

Kanji Symbols Charts will show many Japanese basic Kanji characters.

Originally kanji came from China and recreated. Stil many kanji characters are exactly the same in Japan and China however it pronounce differently.

So when I (I’m Japanese) go to Taiwan, I can not pronounce their street signs but I know what that means, such as restroom, ticket here, gallery to the right or something like that. So it is quite convenient to learn Japanese Kanji and you can extend the use to Taiwan, Singapore, China in some way.

Average Japanese know around 2-3000 kanji characters.
It’s good and easy to start from the most common used Kanji symbols instead of go by the alphabetical order.

When do Japanese use Kanji Symbols?
Japanese use Kanji symbols everywhere. The point using Kanji Symbols instead of Hiragana or Katakana for certain words is because it save space of writing, it looks and sounds more intelligent, serious and polite.

Basic Kanji Symbols Table Version 1 – Affection

Japanese Colors Chart

japanese colors

Japanese Direction Chart

japanese direction

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