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Japanese Zodiac FAQ

Q: What is Japanese Zodiac?
A: “Japanese Zodiac” also called mainly for “Sexagesimal cycle”.

Q:What is “Sexagesimal cycle”?
A:Sexagesimal cycle was made with 2 elements.
1) Earthly Branches(12 symbols )
2) Heavenly Stems / Celestial Stem (10 symbols)

The chart of Earthly Branches of Japanese Zodiac

Japanese Zodiac symbols for Earthly branches originally was used for time, degree, month and so on and was nothing to do with animals. There are no real reasons why they attached the animal to each symbols.

Today, Japanese zodiac usually means only Earthly Branches.
We still use zodiac animal symbols every year for New Year’s card and decoration for the new year, so people still remembers and part of current traditions.

Also the animal of the year has their own characters. Example: You are born in the year of rooster, so you must be very good at taking care of people. It is a part of custom in Japan that people try to understand others though zodiac animal characters.

Japanese 12 Zodiac Chart

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