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Free Japanese Lessons pdf fils support people study Japanese language by giving free japanese lessons materials (pdf files). You can download and print on your own, give to your classmates and so on.

SuperJapaneseShop has free Japanese lessons videos on YouTube.
It will demonstrate how to write Hiragana, Katakana and example of pronunciation.
Also it has many Japanese Kanji Symbols demonstrations which shows the writing of Kanjis and pronunciations.

SuperJapaneseShop has connected in Facebook. It keep updating SuperJapaneseShop new hot items.
Also looking forward to hear everyone’s requests!

It start with Japanese Greeting Chart for basic Free Japanese Lessons. It will start from “hello” in Japanese and more. It is very important and handy to know all of them if you are traveling to Japan, meeting new Japanese co-leagues, new Japanese class mates and so on.

Japanese Greeting Chart

japanese greetings

1: SuperJapaneseShop-FreeGreetingChart pdf file

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